Bodega – press ads


Stocked in Sainsbury’s, and featuring in both their in-store magazine and BBC Good Food, this challenger brand was looking to redifine antipasti and ‘salads’ with some truly flavoursome alternatives. We helped them do it with a series of long copy ads which focused on the preparation of the food – in other words, Bodega’s commitment to ‘going further’.

Agency: Veracity Marketing

Pork Farms

Pork Farms – TV campaign

Pork Farms

I was part of the team behind creating and developing this national TV campaign. The backdrop: popular and iconic British locations to help illustrate that these are the nation’s favourite pork pies. Or in other words, ‘You know where you are with a Pork Farms’. The ads ran on all the main channels and were complemented with various events and PR.

The year after, I also wrote the follow-up TV ad featuring a competition and on-pack promotion to win a brand new motorhome.

Agency: Veracity Marketing

Wall’s Pastry – national press ads


Wall’s sausage rolls. The nation’s favourite, and a staple food in many family homes. So, what better way to help flog them than with a campaign of mum-focused ads running in all the main ‘women’s weekly’ magazines. Together with brand new packaging and a big push to trade, this was Wall’s largest ever national press and digital marketing campaign.

Agency: Veracity Marketing
Photography: Nick Eagle

Persil Washing Up Liquid – national press


Cook With The Kids. No, not a recipe book for would-be cannibals. More Persil’s initiative to get families into the kitchen for some creative, food-based fun. The end result – as ever when children are involved – is, of course, mess. Which is rather handy when you’ve got washing up liquid to sell. Anyway, this was the resulting press campaign which ran in all the women’s glossies. Beats reading about another Z-lister celebrity feud, eh?

Agency: Veracity Marketing
Design/Art Direction: Sam Richardson

Greggs – World Cup


To celebrate the World Cup in 2010, Greggs launched the ultimate patriotic pastry – the England Doughnut. Parodying the famous Nike ad with Wayne Rooney, the poster we put together required a model who wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Or his arms, or his face. Step forward one heroic copywriter named Matthew…

Agency: Gratterpalm (CreativeRace)
Art Direction: James Egan


Asda – radio ads


Between 2010 and 2012 I was creatively responsible for Asda’s regional radio; writing and recording well over 100 ads for their stores across the UK. Whilst nearly always constrained by product and price, these were tons of fun to make, and mostly voiced by Ralf Little.

Agency: Gratterpalm (CreativeRace)