Brand development – End to End: Stronger Together


The copywriting for this DMA Award-winning project came from a corker of a strategic brief from Armstrong.

Container glass manufacturers use Bucher Emhart Glass equipment to produce over 40% of the world’s glass bottles and jars.

Historically, ‘hot end’ forming (where the bottles are formed from molten glass) was a separate process to the ‘cold end’ inspection (where they check the bottles for defects).

Armstrong spotted that Emhart, as one of the only companies in the world to offer machinery for both processes, could integrate the two to achieve far greater production efficiency.

So, the technology was put in place. Where the ‘cold end’ could spot defects, automatically informing the ‘hot end’ to adjust their parameters. The end result being fewer defects and an increased pack rate.

Now for the brand.

Something the production systems and interfaces could all sit under. Something which would inform the industry that they could now experience total plant integration.

End to End.

This simple name, and subsequent creative work, helped to recalibrate the whole container glass industry.

The campaign featured visuals of the ‘hot end’ and ‘cold end’ machinery, and also products, customers and colleagues combining, under the line ‘Stronger Together’.

The end result was that End to End streamlined Emhart’s business internally: one company offering complete technology under one brand. It became the point of reference for all company decisions concerning investment, resource, technology and sales & marketing.

And since End to End, Emhart’s global market share has never looked healthier.

O’Keeffe’s – national TV campaign


O’Keeffe’s Working Hands is America’s bestselling hand cream. Naturally, being quite good at this moisturising game, they expanded their range. Creams, balms and lotions for the whole body – smoothness from head to toe.

Sister-brand to Gorilla Glue, O’Keeffe’s has grown its market share in the UK just as impressively as its adhesive big brother. I like to think my scripts for this TV campaign have helped play some part.

Agency: Veracity Marketing

Pork Farms – Competition TV ad

Pork Farms

For the follow-up to the national TV campaign, and continuing with the ‘You know where you are…’ strategy, Pork Farms decided to run a competition. To win a brand new motorhome (and other assorted ‘outdoor’ prizes), no less.

TV again was the medium of choice, backed up with a hefty on-pack promotion, so I got busy writing scripts.

The end result – this family holiday-themed ad, of which there are two versions here. With a steady recipe of humour and charm, the ads were designed to appeal to a younger audience as well as the heritage values of the more traditional customer.

Agency: Veracity Marketing

Gorilla Glue range – 10″ TV ads

Gorilla Glue

As well as editing and rewriting two 30″ US ads into 20″ versions for our screens, I also got to write a bunch of 10″ ads for Gorilla Glue from scratch. These were enjoyable, not only because I was able to offer a few visual suggestions this time, but also because of the extreme time constraints. The challenge of getting the main product benefits across in just a handful of seconds was fun to meet. I went down the route of snappy, rhythmical and memorable voice overs.

Agency: Veracity Marketing

Gorilla Glue – talkSPORT radio ads

Gorilla Glue

In March 2016 I helped Gorilla reinforce their position with two radio ads on talkSPORT. Running for a month, these ads continued with the theme of gently mocking “our American cousins.” This time by featuring a ‘soccer’ commentator getting his terminology hopelessly wrong.

Agency: Veracity Marketing


1. “Deathstrike”

2. “Ejection”


Gorilla Grab Adhesive / Gorilla Super Glue – TV ads

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla really started flexing its muscles in 2016 with a £4M marketing spend. A big chunk of which went on TV airtime on the likes of ITV, Channel 5, Sky Sports and Dave. So, my task, once again, was to edit and repurpose the existing US ad footage into 20″ ads and write suitable voice overs. Two main products were pushed this year –  Heavy Duty Grab Adhesive and Super Glue Brush & Nozzle.

Agency: Veracity Marketing

Pork Farms

Pork Farms – TV campaign

Pork Farms

I was part of the team behind creating and developing this national TV campaign. The backdrop – popular and iconic British locations to help illustrate that these are the nation’s favourite pork pies. Or in other words, ‘You know where you are with a Pork Farms pork pie’. The ads ran on all the main channels and were complemented with various events and PR.

The year after, I also wrote the follow-up TV ad featuring a competition and on-pack promotion to win a brand new motorhome.

Agency: Veracity Marketing