Gorilla Tape – 2017 TV ad – 20″

Always looking to expand their territory in the kingdom of DIY, Gorilla wanted to push their Gorilla Tape with a TV ad for the UK. This one required minimal rewriting – the visual humour does much of the work – but it was still nice to lend my creative input.

Agency: Veracity Marketing

Gorilla Glue – 2016 TV ads – 10″

As well as editing and rewriting two 30″ US ads into 20″ versions for our screens, I also got to write a bunch of 10″ ads from scratch. These were enjoyable, not only because I was able to offer a few visual suggestions this time, but also because of the extreme time constraints. The challenge of getting the main product benefits across in just a handful of seconds was fun to meet. I went down the route of snappy, rhythmical and hopefully memorable voice overs.

Agency: Veracity Marketing

Gorilla Glue – 2016 TV ads – 20″

Gorilla really started flexing its muscles in 2016 with a £4M marketing spend. A big chunk of which went on TV airtime on the likes of ITV, Channel 5, Sky Sports and Dave. So, my task, once again, was to edit and repurpose the existing US ad footage into 20″ ads and write suitable voice overs. Two main products were pushed this year – Super Glue Brush & Nozzle and Heavy Duty Grab Adhesive.

Agency: Veracity Marketing

Pork Farms – 2016 national TV campaign

I was part of the team behind creating and developing this national TV campaign. The backdrop – popular and iconic British locations to help illustrate that these are the nation’s favourite pork pies. The ads ran on all the main channels and were complemented with various events and PR.

Agency: Veracity Marketing

Gorilla Glue – 2013 national TV, press & trade

Already the best-selling glue in America, Gorilla Glue was looking to get its big, hairy foot in the door of the UK market. My task was to take selected parts of the existing US TV ad and give the scripts a British twist. In other words, rewrite them to resonate with White Van Man. There was also a tabloid press ad and all kinds of trade material. (More details here.)

Agency: Veracity Marketing

TV ads:



SSE – TV & radio

The Scottish and Southern Energy account was a bit of a weird one, not only because the gas and electricity giant changes name for different regions (e.g. SWALEC for Wales), but also because there was a retail arm to work on (Scottish Hydro Electric). And that’s what you’ve got here: a north-of-the-border TV spot for Christmas electricals, and a Welsh radio ad for boiler maintenance.

Agency: Pravda Advertising
Art direction: Charlotte Smalley

SWALEC – Runner


Greggs – TV campaign

I was part of the creative team behind this TV campaign for Greggs. It ran on national telly in January 2013. More details here.

Agency: Gratterpalm (CreativeRace)
Co-Creatives: Vicki Munro, Bill Lyne, Paul Rutherford