Bodega – press ads

Stocked in Sainsbury’s, and featured in their in-store magazine, this challenger brand was looking to redifine antipasti and ‘salads’ with some truly flavoursome alternatives. We helped them do it with a series of long copy ads which focused on their commitment to going further.

Agency: Veracity Marketing


Gorilla Glue – DIY Week magazine wrap

The publication: DIY Week – the magazine for people in the DIY, hardware and homeware market. The challenge: fill a four-page wrap with all things Gorilla (and sister brand, O’Keeffe’s Working Hands hand cream). Here’s how we did it – leading with the fact that 2016 was the Chinese Year of the Monkey.

Agency: Veracity Marketing

Wall’s Pastry – national press ads

Wall’s sausage rolls. The nation’s favourite and a staple food in many family homes. So, what better way to help flog them than with a camapign of mum-focused ads running in all the main ‘women’s weekly’ magazines. Together with brand new packaging and a big push to trade, this was Wall’s’ largest ever national press and digital marketing campaign.

Agency: Veracity Marketing

Persil Washing Up Liquid – national press

Cook With The Kids. No, not a recipe book for would-be cannibals. More Persil’s initiative to get families into the kitchen for some creative, food-based fun. The end result – as ever when children are involved – is, of course, mess. Which is rather handy when you’ve got washing up liquid to sell. Anyway, this was the resulting press campaign which ran in all the women’s glossies. Beats reading about another Z-lister celebrity feud, eh?

Agency: Veracity Marketing
Design/Art direction: Sam Richardson

Gorilla Glue – 2013 national TV, press & trade

Already the best-selling glue in America, Gorilla Glue was looking to get its big, hairy foot in the door of the UK market. My task was to take selected parts of the existing US TV ad and give the scripts a British twist. In other words, rewrite them to resonate with White Van Man. There was also a tabloid press ad and all kinds of trade material. (More details here.)

Agency: Veracity Marketing

TV ads:



mypetstop – launch campaign

We were tasked with relaunching mypetstop, a chain of high-end pet boarding centres. To show that any furry or feathered guests would be left in the best possible hands, this first campaign featured the staff acting exactly like pets (within reason – no bum fun). It was all held together with a line which added an underlying reassurance: ‘Relax, we’re pet people.’

Agency: Gratterpalm (CreativeRace)
Art direction: James Egan

Manchester Evening News – The Jobs Mine

I was part of the lead team on the launch of The Manchester Evening News’ recruitment campaign, The Jobs Mine. With a newspaper supplement cover to create each week, we also got busy with various ambient ideas and even a takeover of Piccadilly train station. A month after launch,  online audience listings went through the roof, with nearly 170,000 visits from the region.

Agency: Pravda Advertising
Art direction: Charlotte Smalley


Greggs – World Cup

To celebrate the World Cup in 2010, Greggs launched the ultimate patriotic pastry – the England Doughnut. Parodying the famous Nike ad with Wayne Rooney, the poster we put together required a model who wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Or his arms, or his face. Step forward one heroic copywriter named Matthew…

Agency: Gratterpalm (CreativeRace)
Art direction: James Egan


Asda – long copy ads

Occasionally, I got the chance to write longer pieces for Asda. In a desert of POS barkers and shelf wobblers, these were like a cool, refreshing oasis to the soul. Well, not really, but you get my point.

Here’s a few examples. Three ‘long copy’ advertorial-style ads for three very different subjects.

Agency: Gratterpalm (CreativeRace)

Asda – national press ads

I debated whether to include these; the smell of cheese hangs ripely in the air. But they’re a good example of being up against tight retail constraints and a strict tone of voice. These national press ads ran towards Christmas and all headlines had to follow a simple pattern: be short, simple and shout ‘value’ through a rather large megaphone.

Agency: Gratterpalm (CreativeRace)
Design/Art direction: Mark Bollon