Gorilla Glue – digital billboard

When a cheeky media space became available on the M6, one of the busiest motorways in England, Gorilla decided they wanted to take advantage. The solution? A bright orange, attention-grabbing, location-specific ad which got the product’s main benefit across faster than a speeding commuter.

Agency: Veracity Marketing

M.U.F.C. Official Membership campaign – ‘Born to be Red’

I was lead copywriter and a key player in the creative team behind ‘Born to be Red’, Manchester United’s Official Membership campaign for 2014-15. As the natural successor to ‘Belong’, it captured a truth for many fans – that whether it was an unconscious decision, or a long-standing family tradition, they were quite simply born to support this Club. Underpinning the campaign was my line, ‘Show your true colour’.

Agency: WRG
Art direction/Design: Angelo Giaquinto/Chris Brogan

mypetstop – launch campaign

We were tasked with relaunching mypetstop, a chain of high-end pet boarding centres. To show that any furry or feathered guests would be left in the best possible hands, this first campaign featured the staff acting exactly like pets (within reason – no bum fun). It was all held together with a line which added an underlying reassurance: ‘Relax, we’re pet people.’

Agency: Gratterpalm (CreativeRace)
Art direction: James Egan

Greggs – World Cup

To celebrate the World Cup in 2010, Greggs launched the ultimate patriotic pastry – the England Doughnut. Parodying the famous Nike ad with Wayne Rooney, the poster we put together required a model who wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Or his arms, or his face. Step forward one heroic copywriter named Matthew…

Agency: Gratterpalm (CreativeRace)
Art direction: James Egan