Gorilla Glue – digital billboard

When a cheeky media space became available on the M6, one of the busiest motorways in England, Gorilla decided they wanted to take advantage. The solution? A bright orange, attention-grabbing, location-specific ad which got the product’s main benefit across faster than a speeding commuter.

Agency: Veracity Marketing

M.U.F.C. Official Membership campaign – ‘Born to be Red’

I was lead copywriter and a key player in the creative team behind ‘Born to be Red’, Manchester United’s Official Membership campaign for 2014-15. As the natural successor to ‘Belong’, it captured a truth for many fans – that whether it was an unconscious decision, or a long-standing family tradition, they were quite simply born to support this Club. Underpinning the campaign was my line, ‘Show your true colour’.

Agency: WRG
Art direction/Design: Angelo Giaquinto/Chris Brogan

B2B – Sales, Marketing & Events

Sales, Marketing & Events is a fairly broad title. In this context it takes in the work I’ve done for Armstrong, Voice Group and Universal Security Solutions.

Agencies: Armstrong; The Black Eye Project

M.U.F.C. Official Membership campaign – ‘Belong’

Subbed on half way through the 2013-14 ‘Belong’ campaign, I helped see it through till the end of the season by writing a series of emails and mailers. Aimed squarely at those who consider themselves more than just fans, this was a chance to join Manchester United’s Official Membership; a family of hundreds of thousands, from Salford to Singapore.

Agency: WRG
Art direction/Design: Angelo Giaquinto/Chris Brogan


Asda – digital banners

A series of banners, skyscrapers and M3Us to promote the opening of a new Asda store in Dundee. What more can you say?

Agency: Gratterpalm (CreativeRace)
Animation: Dan Seekings