Gorilla Glue – 2016 Christmas card

With each year these get a bit tougher to crack. For 2016 I came up with the idea of using an S-fold format with a typographical reveal which illustrates one of the product range’s main properties – that it sticks things firmly in place.

Agency: Veracity Marketing

Front (closed)
Front (pulled open)










Gorilla Glue – 2015 Christmas card

With a concept based around the products’ incredible longevity, plus a line that borrows from a previous well-known festive campaign, here’s the official Gorilla Glue Christmas card for 2015.

Agency: Veracity Marketing
Design/Art direction: Sam Richardson

Asda – national press ads

I debated whether to include these; the smell of cheese hangs ripely in the air. But they’re a good example of being up against tight retail constraints and a strict tone of voice. These national press ads ran towards Christmas and all headlines had to follow a simple pattern: be short, simple and shout ‘value’ through a rather large megaphone.

Agency: Gratterpalm (CreativeRace)
Design/Art direction: Mark Bollon